Monday, March 07, 2011

I visited the biggest waterfall in Bangladesh

We started in the early morning:  It was a beautiful early morning. The day was very beautiful. We booked a big bus. We were 40 students. Some student’s parents also came. They took there foods. We also took our foods. We started our journey at 6:30 am. All students played songs. At 12:30 pm we reached the biggest waterfall in Bangladesh. It was very beautiful. We went to a big hotel. We ate our lunch .At 1:00 pm we went near to the water fall and bathed. The water fall’s water was very cold. All students took there photos. At 2:40 pm we went to a rest house and slipped for 1 hour. At 4:30 pm we ready for going to our home. We reached our home at 7 pm.